Local Authority Referrals

Lodge Farm works closely with several Local Authorities that are located within a daily travelling range. The majority of our referrals come via these links.

Local Authority Assessment and Commissioning Officers submit potential referrals to the head of School identifying their needs through the Education Health care Plan.

If placements are available, each Plan is carefully considered by the Head and Assistant Head to ascertain whether we can meet need and that Lodge Farm offers a relevant opportunity in line with the interests expressed by the young person themselves.

The Local authority is then informed of our position.

If we have a potential placement to offer, we, or the Local Authority contact the parent/carer concerned to discuss our provision in more detail and arrange a visit/s to explore the site and meet with the Head and other staff.

If the visit/s are successful, Lodge farm will confirm their offer of a place with the host Local Authority, who will then inform parents/carers as appropriate.

The offer of the place will then be officially confirmed by the Local Authority.

Get In Touch


Potential Direct Request From A Parent/carer

If your son, or daughter has an Education, Health and Care Plan in place, you can contact Lodge Farm Education to discuss their needs.

Following on from this, we can arrange an opportunity for you and your son, or daughter to visit us and have a look around the site, meet some of the staff and meet with the Head Teacher.

If your visit has been successful, you can make a request to your Local Authority Team to name Lodge farm Education as your preferred provider for your child.

The final decision regarding the offer a place with us will be made and confirmed by your Local Authority.