About Us


Lodge Farm is a small alternative educational provision based on an 8-acre site. This therapeutic setting offers space and privacy for students with additional needs to grow and mature. Though we have been in operation since 2012 as part of a larger group of SEMH schools, we are setting up on our own. We operate as a traditional farm which includes horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, reptiles, cats, dogs, and a pig…who thinks he is a dog! Other animals on site are raised and put to market.

Lodge Farm offers a natural mix of indoor and outdoor learning on a daily basis.  What students receive from us is far more than just an academic education.  With such a small close-knit team, we get to know our students, their families and their unique home-lives as standard.  This allows us to offer an individualised programme of learning for each student to help them succeed, whilst they are at the farm and beyond.

We aim for young people to leave us as better people, more prepared for the world that awaits them.  As well as advances academically, our students will have gained skills that will secure their future, whatever that may be.  They will have a better understanding of how they can take control of their social and economic well-being.  Our young people will have learnt this in a mutually respectful, safe environment, which will help them become tolerant, confident, respectful individuals with a sense of self-esteem, self-worth and pride.

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